Motorcycle re-design, pushing boundaries,

creating art with passion and determination.


Implementing/forging custom parts - Wenley Andrews

Motorcycle Alchemist

Triumph Australia X Wenley Andrews

former owner of MeanMachines customs

double feature - bike exif & Pipeburn feature at the same time

Bikexif 2015 calender 

Throttle roll custom bike high light 2017

bikexif 2018 calender

Pipeburn bike of the year 2017

Top 5 Triumph custom on bike exif

Mr Innovation Sydney AutoSalon



I can source a bike for you from our wholesalers or you can provide your existing ride, I can also provide finance for you.

We discuss your modification needs, I only do complete builds from zero to hero, thats usually around 100-300 hours spent. Prices vary on complexity please email for details 

Depending on complexity it can take anywhere from 3 - 6 months.

Upon completion a bounded booklet will be supplied with all mods/pictures included and hopefully be animalistic enough for the likes of Bikeexif and Pipeburn.



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